Our Solutions

We are a fully managed solution option. All of our solutions are package with a custom website, domain, and access to our research platform. Because of this, we encourage contacting us so we can create your service package. We understand some are customizable to every client needs and requirements. Feel free to mix and match and even recommend/request a service.

QualX - CM

When understanding your customers is a priority, we offer real-time customer insights that lead to action. Let our agile platform deliver breakthrough customer experiences with the most power insights.

QualX - Polling/Voting

Validate security, real-time monitoring, real-time results. Our polling and voting platform answers the validation and security issues that online voting requires. We exceed industry standards because your results depend on it.

QualX - Applications Collections

Ideally built for non-profits, school and banks that expect over mass application submissions. Our platform duplicates the security of our other platforms to ensure integrity of each applicant information.

QualX - Surveys

Our fully managed survey is our pride and joy. Built for research with large sample sizes (20k +), our platform is designed to handle over 900 current users per second.